Once your profile is complete you will be able to view family profiles. You can send connection invitations to the ones you feel would be a good match for you. This will make it easier and quicker for them to invite you to jobs.


When a family has a specific need for a helper, they will post a job out to a group of helpers. You will receive job invitations via SMS. You can accept or decline, depending on the offer and your availability. Always make sure you respond, as this will impact your future job offers.


If you have been invited to a job, you can talk to the parent over ‘Chat’. This is a great way to discuss the details of the job or ask questions before accepting or declining the job invitation. Always make sure you ask the parent to officially award you the job, rather than confirming over chat. If the job isn’t officially awarded, we will not have a record of the job and you won’t be able to be rated and reviewed.

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