• The best way to increase your chance of winning a job is with a prompt response. Even if you are not available for the job, parents always appreciate (and remember) helpers who respond to their job invites.
  • Improve your profile ranking – Juggle Street has developed an algorithm to display parents the “best and most relevant” helper profiles. The algorithm calculates your ranking based on a number of measurements including; number of jobs completed, number of jobs cancelled (negative), 5-star rating, written reviews, recent activity, and proximity to home address.
  • Video profile – if you really want to “stand-out” upload a short (30 - 60 second) personal video from your mobile. This is a great way to “sell yourself” and gives parents a feeling for your personality. Helpers with profile videos do get invited to more jobs!
  • Letterbox drops - shortly after joining Juggle Street you will receive a welcome pack in the post, along with 20 colour flyers to hand out to the families that live nearest to you. Knock on their door, introduce yourself, and hand them the flyer. The direct approach works best, but you can also drop it in their letter box. In addition you can order 500 personalised colour flyers ($10 payment over PayPal) to letterbox drop your whole neighbourhood.
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